Metal Bar Stools

Watch Metal Art Furniture – Bar Stool by Mitchell Dillman to see each step in the process of designing and fabricating these modern-rustic bar stools.

You will need a Bar Table to go with these Bar Stools – Watch

Materials Included in this build: 3/16″ 8×8 plate, 16 ga. 2″ tubing, 18 ga. sheet metal, 6″ chair swivels, 1″ adjustable furniture feet, 2″x4′ locally harvested and milled, kiln-dried, live-edge Douglas Fir.

Mitchell uses tools from

As well as the CaNibble Professional Nibbler

Learn more about how to make your own modern-rustic log on steel furniture at

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20 Replies to “Metal Bar Stools”

  1. Followed this on snapchat. Your videos never disappoint. Beautiful work on the chairs and table.

  2. Awesome stuff, my friend. BUT……with a swivel stool, wouldn't you want a foot rest that goes all the way around the stool? Would that be an easy thing to do? I have only begun to weld and don't even have the equipment yet, myself (I have to weld a little for my job, and it's more like, "Here's the welder, go to it.") But this has given my sooooo many ideas, because all of the bars around here have those cheap, flimsy stools and I was thinking I could offer a locally made, solid alternative. Thanks yet again.

  3. You have a great hand for sketching. nice shop and tools. foot rest dimension (16" dn) was a nice addition

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