Industrial Bar Stools

I built this industrial style stool for my kitchen area. I used my small forge so I could heat and bend the metal to make the legs. The seat is made from thick mahogany wood.

My Plasma Cutter:

Grinder Rack – ZT Fab

Metal Ring Roller:
MIG gun holder:
Sharpie paint pen:
DeWalt grinder:
Kutzall wheel:
DeWalt Router:
Dust Mask:

2nd Camera:
Audio Mic:

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  1. Hey Douglas, I made a change to my stool that I built. I used 1 1/8 all thread and then purchased some square nuts that fit perfectly inside of the 2×2 square tubing and I only used one square nut to stop the binding of the all thread with two nuts. I ordered the all thread and square nuts from Copper State.

  2. I just suscribed and got amazed: great workhop, great tools, great craftmanship, great video, great music and above all, great outcome. KEEP IT UP MAN  !!

  3. Jimmy Diresta got me here, but you got the subscription and the like for excellent work!

  4. Fantastic! Love how that industrial revolution inspired stool came out! What is that thing you welded at the bottom of the stool legs? Whats it called?

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