Bar Stools With Backs

In this video I take inspiration from Ana White ( to build a bar stool. I use one single 2×6 that can be purchased for around and cut it up into all the lumber needed to build this barstool.

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20 Replies to “Bar Stools With Backs”

  1. Great project. I will be building one for my shop! Economical, functional, and sturdy. To all the pocket screw haters, Pocket Screw You Guys. If you can break this chair by sitting on it maybe you're too fat!!!! #matthias wandel has started using them in some of his projects so get over it.

  2. im sorry but who the heck has all this machinary or the space for all of it? i live in a tiny london flat and not some huge house in america with a workshop and two garages

  3. Nice job! I love pocket holes myself. I think you could cut down the cost down though with some other joinery techniques if you were batching these out. Looks good though!

  4. Use pocket holes + a good wood glue. The wood will break before the joint breaks. It's not the strongest joint you can use, but it beats pocket holes alone. All it takes to break a pocket hole joint is a twist or a weak spot in the area of the wood where the hole was drilled. I use pocket holes to pull glued joints tightly together and provide a bit of extra strength.

  5. Hey, good on ya for making this video, the overall design looks good too. Well done on making them from essentially 1 board. Keep up the useful videos and tips and ignore the naysayers. I bet your family gets plenty of use out of them! I enjoyed watching and indeed may have picked up a tip or two or at least another idea for a new project to build.

  6. I dig it. I think I'm going to make a bar bench though. We just got a table that included a bench but I think it should have come with two.

  7. It's an excellent beginning for you. You really need a better table saw though. I have one exactly like yours in the video, a Ryobi pos, but it's now a shelf in the garage until I cannibalize it for parts. Hunt on craigslist for an old cast iron craftsman for around the same price and then grab one of the sears align-a-rip fences and your work will go 1000 Xs smoother. That Ryobi is a finger ripper. I know this from personal experience.. lol
    I'd go with the 113 craftsman series belt drive. The new ones they sell now are crap.


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