Adjustable Bar Stools

Counter Height, Swivel Bar Stools with Supportive Backs. Super comfortable, leather.

As you can tell from the video, these adjustable height bar stools, up to 33 inches in height, are quite large, and will fit almost all sizes.

These stools are super light weight, easy to clean and maintain.
ideal for the outdoors, in the kitchen or commercial establishment, you’ll not go wrong with this bar stool designed with aesthetics in mind.

Whatever the color of your space, we have enough colors of these extra tall bar stools to complement your dream.

Sold as a single unit, each bar stool’s easy to assemble , and we have even made an unboxing video showing instructions on how to put it all together!

Don’t wait till spring’s over to get yourself these amazing 33 inch leather bar stools with back.
Your neighbors will hate you for them, but your entire family will turn green with envy!

This is the type of bar stool you want to have in your home; one that will turn heads and make you smile just before turning in for the night!

We’ve made our adjustable height bar stools super cheap, so you can focus on stuff that really matters in your life!

All purchases come with a one year manufacturer defects warranty and also with free shipping!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these amazing leather bar stools and start a trend in your neck of the neighborhood!

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  1. Nice product! I purchased this bar stool from: . It's just perfect as the height is adjustable and most of all comfortable with the back rest to support my back. The swivel performs well, and I can feel its stability even at the highest position.

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